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I SCREAM Cakes is about quality, sustainability, and creativity. Our ice creams are made from scratch, using organic and/or locally sourced dairy, eggs, and sugar. All of our flavors are natural, derived from real food. We offer a base of classic flavors like All Organic Vanilla Bean and Ecuadorian Chocolate, rounded out with cool flavors like Blueberry Cheesecake (we make the cheesecakes in house, and the blueberries are organic!) and seasonal favorites like Pistachio Caramel and Lavender Lemon Swirl, with a sprinkle of crazy like Orange Habanero Chocolate, the seasonal Goat Figure (Schlalfy’s pumpkin ale + pumpkin + local goat cheese + fig swirl), and our award-winning Cinnamon Honey­-Roasted Garlic ice cream that we make every year for St. Louis’ very own annual Garlic Fest.

Our cups and spoons and straws are compostable, made from corn and sugarcane. We are a proud member of the Green Dining Alliance.

Ice cream is a happy food, and we want to make everyone happy! So we try to offer as much as we can for people with dietary restrictions (short of using artificial sweeteners and substitutes). We always have at least one dairy free and vegan iscream, made with coconut milk. Our plain cones, sugar cones, cakes, and cookies are gluten-free. We even have healthful I SCREAM for Fido.


Kerry Soraci I SCREAM photoI grew up in a family whose nightly dessert of choice was ice cream. If we were lucky, we would get a little drizzle of 43 or banana liqueur over our sweet scoops of chocolate, butter brickle, or the regional flavor Chicago (vanilla, orange sherbet, and caramel ice creams). When we finished the ice cream “brick” my parents would open up the box package and let the family dog lick it clean. Every summer we would make our own batch of homemade ice cream with fruit from the local farmer’s market. My brother, sister, and I would trade off turning the hand crank, churning our sweet destiny.

When in high school, and for college summers, I worked part time at the local Baskin­Robbins. There I fell in love with ice cream cakes, hot fudge over daiquiri ice, strawberry shakes made with chocolate chip ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream (especially with a brownie or banana pieces), and where I tried beer and ice cream together for the first time (Budweiser and vanilla—BLECK!). After earning a BFA at Washington University I bought my own ice cream maker (electric!) and started making homemade ice cream for potlucks and parties.

In 2005 I got hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I broke a couple vertebrae and couldn’t work for a little while. To thank my friends and family who helped me out during that time I made them my first ice cream cakes. Over the years I started cutting the cakes into shapes, then building and eventually sculpting with the ice cream. In 2009 I hosted a couple tastings, I started taking orders, making and sculpting from my home kitchen. In April of 2010 I was flown to New York City to tape a clip for The Cooking Channel’s debut season and Foodography’s first episode on ice cream. I made a deer head cake. On May 8, 2011 I SCREAM Cakes on Cherokee Street, opened it’s doors and in 2016 went fully mobile with the Trucklet!